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Anti-dazzle energy saving safety lamp (SF-06)

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Stainless steel hasp and high-strength silicone rubber rings to increase security and reliability in the process of use;
It is a suspended structure between the shade and the electrical box with air flow, good heat dissipation;
High luminous efficiency, the lampshade is a high-purity aluminum sheet jolleying and electrochemical oxidation treatment;
Waterproof, dustproof and anti-electric ignition (with sealed glass);
The illumination angle can be adjusted in 200 degrees; the light body and the electrical box can be installed separately according to the situation or customers’ requirement;
High-pressure cast aluminum shell with automotive paint anti-corrosion surface treatment.
Ex mark: ExdllBT4

Protection grade: IP65
Antiseptic grade: WF2
Insulation grade: I
Adaptive power: 250W, 400W
Adaptive light: metal halide light, high-pressure sodium light
Installation method: ceiling type, boom type, chain type, hook type, seat type, upright pole, curved pole
Voltage range:220±5%/50HZ
Luminaire efficiency: 85%
Power factor: ≥0.9
S/H: 2.0
Application height: 8-12m
Lamp size: Φ285*H520
Weight: 8.1-8.9kg
Lamp socket type: E40
Cable: Φ8-12

It is applicable to power plant, petrol station, railway, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, factories and mines, venues, aisle, workshops and other indoor and outdoor workplaces.


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